10 Everyday Things That Can Save A Relationship

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1. Don’t listen to what they say any less than you did your college lectures. Pay attention to what they tell you, no matter how insignificant or mundane. Don’t turn the conversation back around at yourself by using an example from your own life to compare to theirs. Stop comparing all together. Don’t just talk to them, have an actual conversation– an art that is waning. Don’t pepper your responses with mindless head nods and a high pitched “yeah” or “nice.” Engage.

2. Withhold the blame-placing, even if you know you’re right. There is an incredible emotional buffer in starting sentences with “I believe” rather than the accusatory you-are-wrong-and-I-am-right. Nobody deserves to feel like they’re the lesser in a relationship, especially not for something they think or believe.

3. Be selfless. Not just by monetary means or anything like that, but in the way you remain faithful if you say you…

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Little intro

My name is Jordan, im 19 and im from Louisiana. Im starting this as a public personal journal, i dont really know what will happen with this or where it will go but i feel the need to start a journal. as both personal healing and maybe i can help someone else. This is gonna be a little all over the place im sure, because my life and this story is all over the place. I live with my boyfriend Clay, hes 20, and a recovering heroin addict. Today he is 54 days clean, after almost 2 whole years shooting up almost every day. this is the beginning this is big for us. Most of my page will be about his fight and my fight with him. I hate drugs. i hate them. they make me sick. i hate what they have done to clay i hate what they have done to his family. Clay is not a bad person, he is literally the smartest person i have ever met in my whole life. so dont think hes just a lost cause dirty person. As ive learned from this, that is what people automatically assume about him.which couldnt be farther from the truth, Hes beautiful, hes smart, hes SO smart, hes funny, he has a huge heart, he laughs he is beautiful and i love him. He grew up normal, he didnt have a bad child hood, he was just a normal kid when he got into this. it can happen to anyone i have learned. Its sick. drugs are sick and disgusting and they will suck you in like a big disgusting black hole, they will suck your family in and they will destroy you.


Ive abandoned my blog for a while because when i first made it, i had no idea how to use it, so it got neglected 😦 Ive recently started blogging again to tumblr (http://radiate-lovveee.tumblr.com) A lots been going on lately, so i think im gonna start sharing it here, sense i have a better feel of how to use this now ( I think) Its nice to get my thoughts out on paper and i like to keep track of whats been going on. Also maybe this will help some people if they see these post? im gonna transfer some of my old writings from tumblr, to here, so bare with me, hope someone reads them!